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Medical History Forms

Downloadable Medical History forms are attached below which may be printed and completed prior to your visit to ensure all necessary information is included and that the forms are complete. Filling out all of the blanks will minimize wait time and allow for a less troublesome visit. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to call our office.

Educator Evaluation Forms

Although not exclusive to educators, the downloadable .pdf below contains our Vision Report Card used to help the team at Jury, Farrar & Associates gain a better understanding of the possible vision issues with children noticed in the classroom. Simply print out the document and complete the Vision Report Card assessment included and send the child to Jury, Farrar & Associates for an expert evaluation.

King-Devick Concussion Screening

King-Devick Screening is a validated, accurate and objective remove-from-play sideline concussion screening that delivers results in minutes. Properly-trained parents, coaches, athletic trainers, and medical professionals can quickly assess if an athlete requires additional medical attention.

Implementation is Easy!

At the beginning of the season, a pre-injury baseline score is administered for each athlete. Should an incident occur in which a possible concussion is suspected, simply employ a King-Devick Screening on the athlete on the sidelines or in a locker room. According to the results, a worse post-injury test indicates that a concussion may be present and that your athlete should be immediately removed from play and evaluated by a licensed professional.


The Doctors of Optometry at Jury, Farrar & Associates are able and willing to provide this training to the communities in the Liberal, Kansas, area at no cost to you. Please contact us to schedule an appointment to learn how to to properly-issue King-Devick Screenings and begin using them in your schools and communities. Reach us by phone at 620.624.1679.

Note: The contents, herein, are not intended to serve as medical advice or as a substitute for medical attention. The opinion of a licensed professional should always be sought to determine whether or not additional medical attention is necessary should a concussion or any other ailment or injury be suspected.

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