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OrthoK Night Vision Therapy

OrthoK (short for orthokeratology) Night Vision Therapy is a specialized procedure that employs state-of-the-art 3D eye-rending software to size specially-designed contact lenses used to gently reshape the curvature of the eye to improve vision. No surgery is required and eyes return to their normal state should patients decide to discontinue use. The specially-designed contact lenses are worn during the night and take effect while sleeping.


Use of OrthoK lenses is easy. Simply put in the specially designed lenses before bedtime and remove them in the morning much like dental retainers used to keep teeth aligned.


OrthoK lenses are perfect for those wishing to be free of contact lenses or glasses during daytime activities while not having to sacrifice clear, comfortable vision.


Some advantages of OrthoK Lenses:

  • Sports Enthusiasts
  • Working Out / Running / Walking
  • Dry Lenses in the Rain
  • Photo Opportunities
  • No Glasses or Contacts needed during the day.

The benefits of OrthoK lenses are great for children, too! Children benefit most by slowing, and in some cases, completely halting the progression of myopia (or nearsightedness). More information about nearsightedness is available online at OrthoKAcademy.com.


Still unsure about OrthoK? Visit the sources below for additional details.


Learn more:

OrthoK Lens Technology





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2381 N. Kansas Ave.

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